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Welcome, Bright Sparks!

You've arrived in your place to play, learn and get to know money better. Just like when we plant a seed in the ground to grow a huge tree, our savings may start small and grow into something much bigger. Here, you'll:

Have fun with Sparkie!

There are plenty of fun activities and games featuring Sparkie for you to download and have fun with!

Learn about saving

We've got some helpful tips and hints to help you earn more pocket money, and start to understand how to save for what you want.

Have your questions answered

Something you want to know more about? We've got answers to so many questions, but if you can't find the one you're after, let us know in your local branch.

Download and play with Sparkie!

Here’s how Emily and Skye saved for new phones

Emily and Skye have jobs to build their savings. They use their Greater Bank Life Saver Account to earn higher interest by making sure their account grows each month. They’ve watched the dollars add up and they're on their way to purchasing new phones outright.

The gift of giving

Now that you have the hang of spending and saving, you may find that you have some extra money left over. It's possible to use this money to improve the lives of others by giving back to your community.

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