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Tap on and off with your Greater Bank Visa card

tap on and off imageThe Opal card has transformed the way we pay for public transport, making payments quick and easy. Now, you’re able to enjoy the same simple option of tapping on and off when using public transport (with the exception of buses) with your Greater Bank Visa Debit or Credit Card. No more worrying if you’ve left your Opal at home, or haven’t topped up your balance in a while.

How do I tap on and off with my Visa card?

The experience of using your contactless Visa card to pay for public transport on the Opal network is almost identical to the current Opal method of payment:

  • Tap on using your Visa card showing the contactless symbol at any Opal reader, and then
  • Tap off at any Opal reader when you’ve finished your trip on public transport.
  • When tapping on and off, you should hear the bell sound and the words “Tap success” should appear on a green screen on the Opal reader.

You must tap off at the end of your trip using the same card you tapped on with. If you don’t tap on and off you will be charged the maximum default fare, and you could also be fined for fare evasion.

If you change your mind, and decide not to travel after tapping on, you can reverse your tap on by tapping the same Visa card on an Opal reader at the same wharf, station or stop within 15 minutes for light rail, and within 30 minutes for metro, train and ferry travel, just as you would with an Opal card.

Can I use my Visa card to travel in a group?

Travelling with mates, or with your family? Each person in your group will need to be paid for using a separate Visa Debit or Credit Card.

If you’re a joint account holder, you can each tap on to pay for one fare, per card, per trip.

Contactless Visa cards which have just been used to tap on with cannot be handed back to pay for any additional passengers to tap on with, as this will in effect cancel out the previous tap on.

Where can I use my Visa card on Public Transport?

Anywhere on the Opal Travel network in NSW, with the exception of buses - access to contactless Visa payments on buses is coming soon.

How are payments affected and processed?

Using your Greater Bank Visa Debit or Credit card offers the same fare and travel benefits as an Adult Opal card. This means that fares are charged at the Adult Opal rate.

After you tap on, a pre-authorisation $1 charge will appear as a pending transaction on your account. As you travel throughout the day, fares will accumulate according to your travel needs, and the total cost of travel will be processed at the end of each day. The total cost will replace the initial $1 charge.

The description on your account statement will appear as ‘TransportforNSW Tap’ or ‘TransportforNSW travel Sydney’.

To find out more about Opal network fares and benefits, visit the Transport NSW website.

Hints and tips

  • Always look for the contactless symbol on Opal readers before tapping on and off
  • Avoid card splash – be sure to separate your Greater Bank Visa Debit or Credit Cards before tapping on and off, otherwise you may accidentally pay for more than one trip.
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