Bonus Saver

Bonus Saver

Looking for an account that rewards good saving habits? Our Bonus Saver is just what you need. Earn interest if you make at least one deposit in a calendar month and no withdrawals. Our Bonus Saver makes saving simple. Great if:

  • You want to be rewarded for your good saving habits
  • You want to earn higher interest on your savings.
  • You want a statement-only savings account

Term Deposit

Term Deposit

Our Term Deposit lets you put money aside to earn a great interest rate so you can save for a new home, a holiday, a car, your kids' education or retirement. Great if:

  • You want to earn a great rate on your savings
  • You’re after flexible terms with low fees
  • You want a secure way to grow your money

Life Saver

Life Saver

Our Life Saver Account helps teach your children how to manage their money in a smarter way. Great if: 

  • You want to teach your kids to save
  • You are under 25 and want to be rewarded for good savings habits with fee free banking
  • You want to open an account on behalf of your child

Cash Management

Cash Management

Saving money doesn't have to be hard work. We all prefer to save in different ways, and some of us like to keep things extra simple. Great if:

  • You want to keep banking simple with one account
  • You want to manage your money every day
  • You want to earn higher interest on your balance

Little Bucks

Little Bucks

Our Little Bucks account was created to help you teach your kids good saving habits from day one. Great if: 

  • You are under 18 and want to open your first bank account
  • You want to teach your kids to save
  • You want to open an account on behalf of your child

Christmas Club

Christmas Club

At Christmas, we should be focused on spending time with family and friends, not on making ends meet. As the name suggests, our Christmas Club account makes the holiday season more festive than fuss. Great if:

  • You want to put money aside for Christmas
  • You want to earn interest on your savings
  • You want a statement-only account to remove temptation

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At Greater Bank, our customers are our shareholders, so it’s safe to say we’re pretty invested in the communities we call home. Put our friendly service and simple, honest banking products to the test.

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At Greater Bank, we understand that sometimes product features and benefits just don't cut it – you need to see how a product or service relates to you in real-world terms.

So we designed a helpful range of calculators to help you take our products for a test-drive.

Whether you want to know the repayments or interest on a loan, the return on your investment or you need to plot your savings journey, we've got a calculator to help.

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The Importance of Savings Goals

Making Saving Easier

We know that saving can be tough at times, and that motivation is key. 

  • Surviving as a student

    Fresh out of high school and on to Uni, the responsibilities become very adult, but your earning power is still barely above that of a teenager. How many of these thrifty tips can you say you've used?

  • Mortgage Savings Tips

    And you thought renting and saving for your deposit was hard... As your mortgage stretches out before you, take heart! We've put together some handy savings tips to help you move from OWE to OWN sooner.

Why Greater Bank?

We're a customer owned bank, which means we have no shareholders - we exist to serve you. Our profits are reinvested into our business in order to provide better value products and services, and we foster the communities in which we operate.