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Berkeley Planting

Hooka Point, Berkeley

Located between Hooka Creek and Lake Illawarra, Hooka Point is a popular recreational spot. The area contains an endangered ecological community of swamp oak forests and saltmarsh communities boarding on lawn areas. Greater Bank donated 1,000 trees!

Berkeley Planting

Hooka Point Project Status: COMPLETED

Hooka Point underwent a transformation in 2001 with a community-driven project called Bright Lives. The idea was to develop the area as a special place that incorporates indigenous and non-indigenous concepts of healing and wellbeing. The creek, bridge and pontoon with its decorative carvings are in one distinct area but connected by paths to the circular walking track closer to the lake. One of the favourite stop-offs on the track is a two-story caged bird-watching tower that looks out over the water to Kanahooka.

Key benefits of planting at this site included increased native coverage, protection of endangered ecological communities and increased habitat for birds

Planting dates: 12 November 2020

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Wollongong City Council

Wollongong City Council is prioritising urban greening as part of its commitment to value and protect the environment. They’re taking action to increase tree canopy cover, create liveable urban spaces, support outdoor activity and foster local identity.

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