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The Hill, King Edward Park

King Edward Park, The Hill

This Newcastle-based planting enhanced a protected and endangered ecological community known as Themeda grassland on sea cliffs and coastal headlands. Greater Bank have donated 4,000 trees!


The Hill, King Edward Park

King Edward Park Status: COMPLETED


This vegetation community has been depleted by coastal development over many decades. Rehabilitating the community will support local wildlife that rely on the community for shelter, foraging and breeding while also increasing the aesthetic of the park for the community.

Rehabilitation occurred on an important section of the Newcastle Bathers Way walk. Over time we hope to see more and more native wildlife returning to this pocket of native vegetation that people will be able to enjoy as they walk or run from Nobbys Beach to Merewether.

Our Planting Partner - Newcastle

City of Newcastle

The City of Newcastle is committed to sustaining and enhancing our urban forest across the city for current and future generations. Urban forest keeps our city cool, absorbs and stores carbon, provides food and shelter for wildlife and keeps our air and water clean. It creates a healthy environment for us to live in and adds character and beauty to our city.

All the action from our King Edward Park planting day