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Greater Bank Hunter Academy of Sport Netballers to take part in the Aspire Program

Here's How Greater Bank and the Hunter Academy of Sport are helping Aspiring young Netballers be their best.

Greater Bank is the major sponsor of The Hunter Academy of Sport's Netball Program, which is designed to develop player's skills and improve their knowledge of performance manegement, training and nutrition in a supportive environment. 

As a long-term supporter of grassroots netball, Greater Bank will further reinforce its support for the Hunter Academy of Sport Netball Squad through the introduction of the Aspire program. Aspire is the creation of Super League Netball Star Sam Poolman, and aims to allow young athletes to up their skill-set and learn how to navigate pathways from amateur to professional sport.

At Greater Bank, we share Sam's passion for helping foster the dreams of young players who see themselves one day reaching the elite level in the sport they love. The Aspire Program has been developed in conjunction with Hunter Academy of Sport, and with financial support from Greater Bank.

Sam brings many years of experience managing junior development programs, and will run the Aspire Program in the form of an intensive 10 week course, with 90 minutes exposure time weekly. Running from Ausgust to mid-October, the program comes at a vital time for members of the Academy Netball Squad, as they approach NSW state selection at the end of the year.

Getting to know Aspire Program Founder Sam Poolman

Greater Bank: You’re a Newcastle girl about to play in the Super League Netball Grand Final – how does that feel?

Sam Poolman: It's extremely exciting and l can’t wait for the game on Saturday. Its something every athlete dreams of but not many actually get to be apart of. To reflect back 12 months to where l am today is very surreal. I think l will reflect back next week about just how great this year as been for me. I am thankful everyday for my coach Julie giving me this wonderful opportunity and can’t wait to run out wearing Giants colours. To be apart of a brand new club, to make finals in the first year then the grand final is something very special

GB: You’ve had some involvement with the Hunter Academy netball squad -  can you give some detail as to how and why you wanted to be involved?

SP:  I spent the past four years playing for the Adelaide Thunderbirds and had some great opportunities off the court. It involved working within the community, schools and netball clubs and associations. One of the first things l did when l knew l was coming back to play for my home state was getting in touch with the Hunter Academy. I progressed through the Hunter and then NSW pathway and am very proud of where l have come from. I wanted to have a direct influence on great programs that already exist. I have some great memories playing in the Hunter and it was an important step in how l got to where l am today.

GB: What is the Aspire netball program and why have you established this?

SP: Aspire Netball is a 10 week intensive training program. It is an opportunity only for current Hunter Academy athletes and a chance for them to train at a high level over the off season in preparation for state trials. I am passionate about helping young athletes who have dreams of playing at an elite level. Both myself and my family sacrificed a lot for me to achieve my dreams and l want everyone to know that it is possible living in a regional area. Its also an opportunity for athletes in the program to work with myself, ask questions and to learn what l think its important to take themselves to the next level both on and off the court.

GB: What does it mean to have organisations like Greater Bank on board supporting you and aspiring young netballers with this program?

SP: It's fantastic to have Greater Bank on board supporting myself, this program and young netballers. I'm very passionate about my hometown, Netball and enriching the community. I love seeing and reading what Greater Bank is doing within the community and extremely delighted to be working with them.

Our involvement with Hunter Academy of Sport

For more than 20 years, Greater Bank has funded talented athletes who have the world at their feet. These athletes are high achieving students of the Hunter Academy of Sport, who receive holistic support to develop their talent to the fullest potential. 

The Hunter Academy of Sport gives regional and rural, young athletes the chance to gain training and advice of a world class standard without moving too far from home. Many hundreds of young athletes have attended the Academy and as a result, have taken part in sports talent development programs, training camps, clinics and national congresses. The Academy provides a holistic approach to sport, knowing that an athlete is expected to do much more than just perform in their chosen field. Professionals at the Hunter Academy of Sport provide advice in areas such as sports administration, coaching, refereeing and umpiring, facilities, injuries, fitness testing, sport psychology, dental and eye care, public speaking and media training, ethics in sport, nutrition and personal development.

Hunter Festival of Sport Netball Tournament

The Hunter Festival of Sport has been one of the most exciting and successful initiatives undertaken by the H.A.S. Each year, across 84 sporting facilities, thousands of participants battle it out in pursuit of glory. As a champion of Grassroots Netball, Greater Bank is lending it's support to the Festival of Sport Netball Tournament held at Maitland Basketball Stadium.

Hunter Academy of Sport Netball Program

Each year 30 squad members are selected to take part in the Hunter Academy Netball Program. The program is designed to develop players skills and improve their knowledge of performance management, training and nutrition. Greater Bank is thrilled to get behind this fantastic program by being the major sponsor as well as developing the girls financial literacy skills and helping them to work towards their finanicial as well as sporting goals.

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