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Goodbye 2021 & Hello 2022 from the Gold Coast

HNY 4.jpgThis year was supposed to be different to 2020 and our lives were meant to return to normal. It wasn't quite to be though as we were challenged again by the pandemic.

Through it all our Gold Coast branch employees kept the doors opened, albeit on reduced hours for the safety and wellbeing of all, to ensure they continued to serve our customers through these tough times.

Before the curtain comes down on the year, we caught up with some of our Branch Managers in your region to reflect on the challenges of 2021 and what they are looking forward to as we head into the Christmas and New Year period, and 2022.

Helensvale - Nicky Davies, Branch Manager

We’ve all had enough of COVID! It’s had a huge impact on the lives of our team and customers and together we can’t wait for it to be behind us in 2022.

It has tested all of us at different times, but it has also taught us plenty about the importance of remaining positive, whatever the situation, and supporting each other.

The Helensvale, Robina and Tweed branches have worked incredibly well together this year to provide additional support through the pandemic, so it’s appropriate that we come together again before the year is out, in a social setting this time, to celebrate the highs and lows of 2021.

Next year will look a little different again with the ending of Saturday trading. We’ve worked closely with customers around the change, which they have been great about. I know our team will enjoy the improved work/life balance as a result of the change.

Robina - Cassandra Aitchison-Ware, Branch Manager

It’s easy to say that COVID was our greatest challenge this year, but when looking a little more closely, it was the associated border closures and its impact around staffing that caused us the most disruption this year.

Our three branches up here have collaborated wonderfully well this year, particularly in terms of managing staffing. We’re really looking forward to catching up again to celebrate Christmas together.

The Robina branch employees are all looking forward to spending Christmas Day with family and friends, while taking the time to catch up on some well needed and deserved relaxation in readiness for another big, and hopefully ‘normal’ year in 2022 with far less disruptions.

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