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Greater funding makes chair upgrades possible

Chair upgrades are in the sights of Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball thanks to its success in Greater Bank’s #GreaterIllawarra Community Funding Program, which has now given away more than $200,000 to community groups across the Illawarra region.

Topping the vote count in the May round means Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball receives $2,000, with monthly runners-up Lighthouse Kids Hub and Vietnamese Community in Wollongong each receiving $500.

Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball is a not-for-profit organisation that enables both disabled and able-bodied people to engage in sport.

Based at Shellharbour City Stadium, the organisation runs two groups for beginners and intermediate competitors and provides a pathway through to the region’s National League team - the Wollongong Rollerhawks.

Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball Grants Officer, Brian Gardner, said that wheelchair basketball, like all team sports, provides a physical and social outlet for players, family and carers, as well as a role in rehabilitation.

“We provide the sport wheelchairs as part of our inventory of chairs and can also assist in scripting of new chairs for individuals to ensure correct ergonomics,” Brian said.

“However, we need a couple of new adjustable chairs for some of our younger players that can cater for their needs now and into the future.

“We’re most appreciative of Greater Bank’s contribution towards upgrading and maintaining our fleet of chairs.”

Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball Grants Officer, Brian Gardner

Greater Bank’s Illawarra Regional Sales Manager, Greg Creagan, said wheelchair basketball is an amazing game – but it’s not cheap.

“I understand that the wheels used for wheelchair basketball cost up to $900 each, which makes replacing them an expensive exercise,” Greg said.

“We’re pleased to be able to help out, particularly if it enables new, younger players to get into the sport.

“This is another example of how the #GreaterIllawarra Community Funding Program has supported our region since we launched back in June 2018.

“To date we have provided more than $200,000 to a diverse range of groups who have used the funding to expand their services, update equipment and in some cases to simply keep the lights on.

“We are incredible proud to have made this contribution but more so of the amazing organisations who continue to make the Illawarra region even greater.”

The June round sees a further $3,000 on offer to our monthly nominees, who are Cringila Lions Football Club, Port Kembla Cricket Club and Mount Ousley Physical Culture.

The public online vote is open from 9.00 am Monday June 5 until 5.00pm Wednesday June 28, 2023 at

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