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Bank smarter and avoid fees

Bank fees are right up there with stubbed toes and frostbite as most people’s least favourite things. Luckily, you can minimise their effect and keep more money in your pocket.

Get the right account

None of us like fees, but have you ever considered that you could be paying fewer of them just by making sure you’re using the account best suited to your needs?

When it comes to fees, there’s bank accounts, and then there’s bank accounts.

1. Prefer to use your card?

If you’re a heavy card user, our Ultimate Access Account might just be right for you. When you deposit over $2,000 in a calendar month (like your salary), you enjoy transaction fee free banking.

2. Use Card and Cash?

If you still use cash more often than not, don’t make a large number of transactions and just want a simple account for your everyday banking, something straight off the rack like our Access Account could be just the ticket.

Consider any loans

Taking the time to re-examine your current home loan for the amount of fees you pay could save you money in the long term. Paying redraw fees to re-borrow extra repayments or monthly fees, only adds to the time it will take you to repay your loan off sooner. But a lot of the time we hear from customers who feel that even though they’re unhappy with their current deal, it would be more of a hassle to switch their loan to someone else.

1. We're the lending experts

If you’ve reviewed your current loan and feel like you’re throwing money away on fees, why not check out our range of great value, low fee Home Loans today?

Compare our Home Loans

2. See how easy it is to switch

And to see how easy it is to refinance, take a few minutes and have a read of our guide to switching to Greater Bank. We’ll just need a few things from you, and our expert lenders can get to work – you may never even have to speak to your current lender again!

Guide to switching to Greater Bank

Handy tips

1. Cash Out

eftpos is a great alternative when withdrawing cash - when you make an eftpos purchase, say Yes to extra cash out. This withdrawal will count as one transaction, rather than two!

2. Press Credit

Press 'Credit' when using your Greater Bank Visa Debit Card for a purchase transaction on an eftpos terminal. There are no transaction fees on purchases made using the contactless feature of your debit card.

3. Plan ahead

Plan your transactions each week to reduce the frequency of your withdrawals, and instead of asking for a balance check at an ATM, simply request a receipt as part of your transaction.