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Check any transactions you don't recognise

  • Was the purchase made by a family member or another cardholder authorised to use the account?
  • Could the merchant or business be trading under a different name? You can check this by doing a Google search on the merchant listed on your statement.
  • Was the transaction made in a foreign currency and converted into Australian dollars?
  • Is the transaction a regular payment for a membership, subscription or app download?

Did you know you can view all your pending and completed transactions at a glance in Online Banking?

Confirm we can help

Any pending transactions will need to be fully processed before we can help you raise a dispute. It usually takes 3-5 days to process a transaction however it can take 10 business days or longer in some instances.

We will do our best to help you with your enquiries but only the business or merchant can resolve the following:

  1. Refunds or exchanges if you change your mind
  2. Memberships or monthly subscription enquiries
  3. Issues with software you've downloaded

Protect your account

For extra control and security over your account you can put a lock on your Greater Bank Visa Credit or Debit Card in Online Banking or via the App.

If at any time you suspect fraud on your account, you should contact us immediately.

Contact us 

Contact the business or merchant quickly

Some issues can be resolved faster by contacting the business or merchant directly.

If the business or merchant can’t help, call us as soon as possible. If you don’t we may lose any chargeback rights we have under the Visa and eftpos scheme rules. Different rules apply to unauthorised transactions which are regulated by the ePayments Code.

Get to know the ePayments Code

Check out the code in full on the ASIC website.

ePayments Code

Supporting documents

As part of our investigation, we may ask you for documents that support your dispute.

Before you contact us, gather receipts, bank statements, photographs of the item if it’s not as described and the business or merchant’s contact details.


All unauthorised payWave and Online transactions* performed in Australia must be reported to Police, in person or by phoning the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

* Online transactions $300 and over must be reported to Police. Online transactions under $300 can be reported online via the Australian Cyber Security Centre. To report a crime go to


How to lodge a dispute

Call into your local branch and one of our friendly team will assist you to complete a dispute form.

Find a branch

Call us on 13 13 86 and one of our friendly team will email you a dispute form to complete and return.

Call 13 13 86

Download and print a form here.

Refer to the handy table below to determine which form to complete. It’s important to complete the correct form, as missing or incomplete information can delay or determine the outcome of a dispute. 

Matrix to determine which form to use

Reasons for dispute Authorised Card Transaction Unauthorised Card Transaction ATM Incident Form
Merchant not recognised   ✔️  
Goods not received or not described ✔️    
Merchant authority for automatic payments cancelled/attempted to cancel* ✔️    
Overseas ATM Withdrawal - incorrect payment of funds ✔️    
Duplicated transaction ✔️    
Unauthorised use - cardholder did not authorise transaction   ✔️  
ATM withdrawal within Australia (incorrect payment of funds)     ✔️

Note: Attempts must be made to contact the merchant to cancel an automatic payment prior to the transaction date before lodging a dispute. We will need to stop the card and issue you a new card to guarantee payments will no longer be deducted.

How we will help

Working for you

We’ll resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

For all unauthorised transactions, we’ll immediately stop your card to protect your account from further fraudulent activity and send you a new one.

Keeping you updated

We’ll send you written acknowledgement of your dispute and send updates every step of the way.

How you get your money back

If your dispute is successful the money will be credited to your account.

How soon this happens depends on the type of dispute and whether your claim is challenged by the merchant. Some disputes can take up to 45 days.