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After starting a conversation with an expert Greater Bank lender, the next step is to meet at a time and place that suits you for an application interview. 

Your lender will let you know exactly what you'll need to bring to this meeting, but initially, they will ask for some supporting documentation to provide a clear picture of your financial situation. 

Having the following documentation handy will help speed up the process:

  1. Proof of your identity - ie; photo identification showing your full name (including middle name) where applicable.
  2. Proof of your income - Your last two pay slips and any evidence of rental or dividend income received.
  3. Self-employed - If you work for yourself, we'll ask for business and personal tax returns from the previous two years, along with your Notice of Assessment from the A.T.O.
  4. Benefits - If applicable, we'll ask for evidence of Family Tax Benefit/Child Support Income
  5. Proof of Assets - things like rates notices for any existing owned property, or rego papers for vehicles, etc.
  6. Savings & Deposit - We'll also ask for savings account statements for the previous three months, as well as proof of deposit, if your deposit isn't coming from existing savings.
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Existing Loans

As part of the application process, we'll ask you to bring along statements for any existing loans or credit cards you hold, so we can make sure they're all up to date.

  1. Home Loans

    For existing Home Loans, we'll ask you to bring along statement proof for the previous six months.

  2. Personal Loans

    For existing Personal Loans, we'll ask you to bring along statement proof for the previous three months.

  3. Credit or Store Cards

    For Credit or Store Cards, we'll ask you to bring along statement proof for the previous month, with proof of payment.

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General Expenses

At Greater Bank, we have a reputation as a responsible lender.

This means that we take the time to meet with our customers and ensure that we can help them make their dreams a reality, while making sure they have the best loan for their needs.

So that we can get a clear picture of your financial situation and find the best fit for you, your lender may also request some information about your general living expenses.

  1. Essentials

    Your lender may ask for information around your essential living expenses such as (but not exclusive to) food, transport, utilities, rates, telephone & internet.

    They may also ask about some of your discretionary expenses, such as Pay TV/subscriptions, recreation and holidays.

    You can use our handy Budget Calculator below to help you get an idea of how your individual expenses tally up.

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  2. Insurance & Education

    Your lender may also ask you to bring along evidence of some of your ongoing Insurance expenses, for things such as Home & Contents, Private Health, Life and Income Protection Insurance.

    As well as this, your lender may request information about your Education and Child Care expenses.

Enquire About A Home Loan

If you are after some more information, a loan pre-approval or are ready to apply for a home loan, start a conversation with a Greater Bank lending expert today to help you get what you want sooner.