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Income Tax Calculator

Our income tax calculator has been designed to help you get an estimate on how much tax you'll be required to pay, based on the income details entered. Especially handy when your budget is tight and you need to make every dollar go as far as it can.

Calculate your income tax

Your income tax questions answered

Income Tax is a tax imposed by the government on the earnings and income of individuals and entities. 

The amount of income tax you pay is calculated as a product of a tax rate multiplied by your income.

The tax rate you pay may vary based on the amount of income you earn. 

Income tax is calculated based on what type and characteristics of tax you pay, and the amount of income you earn.

Depending on these factors, you will fall into a nominal tax bracket, and be able to calculate your tax rate. 

To calculate your income tax, multiply the tax rate that applies to you by the amount of income you earn.

Luckily, we've made this easy for you with our handy income tax calculator above. Simply punch in your details, and calculate your income tax.

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