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Get the right account

As we grow, we need different accounts for each stage of our life to suit our changing needs. You wouldn't wear one set of shoes your whole life, would you? 

I want convenient banking

We all need that one account that we can open, use every day and not have to think about.

Whether it’s to start a new job, or just for your weekly essentials – you need a no-frills account and convenient access to your money.

The Greater Bank Access Account may be perfect for you – no account keeping-fees and low transaction fees

I want to avoid bank fees

If you prefer to do all of your banking out of one account, you don’t want your money being eaten away by fees. Making frequent transactions shouldn’t cost you the earth.

The Greater Bank Ultimate Access Account could be just what you need – no transaction fees when you deposit at least $2,000 a month into the account. So just by using this account for your salary, you can make as many transactions as you please.

I want a retirement account

If you’re retired or nearing retirement age, you’ll understand the importance of great value. You still need an account flexible enough to let you make your everyday purchases, but you want to make your money work as hard as possible.

I want to earn higher interest

If you’re at a stage of life where you’re saving for something big, you know that every dollar counts. Housing deposits, new cars, weddings and holidays – these things aren’t cheap!

So if you’re working towards a savings goal, why not check out our Bonus Saver Account, which rewards good habits. We pay you a great interest rate for making multiple deposits each month and no withdrawals. If you're under 25 our Life Saver Account is also great for this purpose.

I have money to invest

Firstly, good for you! Secondly, if you’ve got a sum of money lying around, you know that idle hands are the devil’s work. If you want to put your money to work, you should consider a Term Investment.

Investing with Greater Bank offers a competitive interest rate, and as all deposits up to a total of  $250,000 per Greater Bank customer are government-guaranteed, you can invest with confidence.

I want a kids account

Parents will know that it’s important to set a good example for your children in all aspects of life. Teaching them the value of money is no different.

Getting the right account will allow your child to begin saving their pocket money and learn about how money works. Our Life Saver account gives your little one a place to put their pocket money and pays high interest when their balance grows each month, while not charging any account-keeping fees. When a Life Saver is opened with a linked Access Account and monthly interest is earned on the Life Saver account, your kids can enjoy everyday banking free of transaction fees as well.