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Start a family

Of all the goals we share, the pursuit of a family is surely the noblest. If you've considered starting a family, consider these steps to limit your financial stress.

First things first

Firstly, what sort of family do you want? And what sort of parents do you want to be? Will you be able to afford having one of you staying at home? Will you both continue working?

1. Stay on budget

Once you’ve agreed upon these details, you should start thinking about being a bit more financially responsible. If you haven’t already, set up a budget and stick to it. 

I want to set up a budget

2. Find out more about Bonus Saver

Also, you should know that however you decide to begin your family, it’s likely to incur quite a cost. Setting up a high-interest savings account now can put you on course to deal with the bills once they start rolling in.

Bonus Saver

Think ahead

Before your family begins to grow, you should take time out to examine your current situation when it comes to insurance. Do you and your partner have joint health insurance, and is this cover enough to afford you the hospital and doctors of your choice?

It can be common for young couples to ignore their insurance only to find that their options are limited when it matters most. Don’t get caught short!

Feather your nest

Have you started thinking about the changes you’ll need to make once you become parents?

Changes around the home will include furnishing the baby’s room, buying clothes, baby-proofing and getting all the fun stuff like toys, strollers and car seats.

If you’ve been budgeting and using your savings account, you should be well positioned to furnish your nest, but if your shopping list is making your head spin, perhaps the option of a Greater Bank Visa Credit or Debit Card is right for you?

As a parent, you’re about to learn the importance of convenience and value, and our cards are packed with both. Shop in-store, online anywhere that Visa is accepted worldwide.

Watch your family grow

Enjoy watching your family grow, both in numbers and size!

1. Room to Grow

If you find that you come to a stage where your nest isn’t big enough to house your brood, speak to Greater Bank about how we can help you find space to stretch out.

Home Loans

2. Restore your castle

We’re the experts when it comes to lending, whether you decide to move on to larger pastures, or renovate and extend the boundaries of your kingdom.

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