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Bank safely while overseas

The excitement of your upcoming trip will usually mean you’ve already told most of the people in your life about your upcoming trip, but have you remembered to tell your bank?

Financial institutions monitor their customer’s accounts for transaction patterns, and when they see a sudden change to this pattern without prior notice, alarm bells can start sounding. Whenever you travel overseas, letting your bank know of your activities should form part of your to-do list.

You wouldn’t head abroad without registering with would you? Thought not. The same logic should apply to your banking. Save yourself the potential hassle while you’re away – a two minute phone call is all it takes.

Go cashless

Let’s face it – by carrying cash abroad you put yourself at more risk of losing your money.

If you were to misplace your wallet, or get robbed and lose all your cash, it’s untraceable. This leaves you in a tight spot.

So, what are your best options?

Visa Debit Card

You’ll be fairly hard-pressed to find a tourist destination these days that is short of locations that accept Visa. With a Visa Debit, the flexibility and acceptance rate of Visa cards is hard to ignore. What’s more, Visa’s global network means that cancelling or putting a hold on your card in the event that it’s lost or stolen is a piece of cake. Secure your Visa Debit Card with one of our Everyday Accounts today.

Open an Everyday Account

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

The Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard works just like a Debit Card, letting you use your own savings to make purchases abroad. The great advantage with the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard is that you can pre-load it before you hit the road with up to ten currencies of your choice, letting you lock in your exchange rate. Plus, it’s accepted at over 2.1 million ATMs and 35.9 million retailers worldwide.

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

Buy before you go

If you do need to carry cash for your trip, you should buy before you hit the airport, and from someone you trust.

Buying foreign cash at the airport or overseas can be risky in that you are out in the open carrying a large amount of currency.

By buying at home, no-one will know how much you’re carrying.

What’s more, buying at the airport or overseas puts you at the mercy of opportunistic vendors, meaning you’ll pay more than the exchange rate to get your hands on your currency.

Buying foreign cash through Greater Bank is easy, and can be picked up from your nearest branch before you leave.

Banking Safely Online

Banking online is a quick, convenient way to manage your money no matter where you are.

Greater Bank offers a range of solutions for managing your money online, with Online Banking, as well as our Mobile App for Android and iOS.

These online tools essentially put the bank branch in your back pocket, letting you open accounts, enquire after products and services, transfer money, pay bills using BPAYⓇ, and so much more.

Plus, with improved navigation and Fingerprint and Face ID, as well as 4-digit login for our App, your money is literally at your fingertips.

However, there are still some things we can all do to ensure that our online banking is done safely.

Stay in touch

You should head off on your holiday knowing that your money is as safe as it can be, but it’s also good to know that if the muck hits the fan, you can reach out for help quickly, and easily, and get results fast. At Greater Bank, we’re renowned for our exemplary customer service, and that applies to our customers in Belmont just as much as those in Belgrade. Here’s how to get in touch with us, wherever you are.


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