Author: Vicky Cullen

Travel Insurance

It is Week 3 of our Greater Golden Passport Competition where you have the chance to win a $2,000 Greater Building Society Cash Passport to take on your next holiday. Our Insurance Manager, Vicky Cullen, blogs about how travel insurance can give you piece of mind and protection in case your holiday doesn’t quite go to plan.

You are preparing for that dream holiday. You have packed the sunscreen, the hat and the medical kit but have you organised protection for yourself and your luggage?   

We insure our homes, cars, our health to protect ourselves against unforeseen circumstances and to give ourselves piece of mind. It is worth thinking about taking out the same sort of protection when on holidays.

What if you get sick, lose your luggage, or have an accident in a hire car? While some countries have reciprocal agreements with Medicare, your private health insurance health usually won’t cover you in another country. 

Travel insurance gives you overseas emergency medical assistance and other help if you get into difficulty.

My 5 tips for travel insurance

  1. Go with a reputable insurer you can trust.
  2. Get the travel insurance package that is right for you – The Greater has comprehensive, budget, domestic and frequent traveller packages.
  3. Read the detailed policy before you sign so you know what is excluded or if there is an excess.
  4. Make sure you properly disclose pre-existing conditions to ensure your insurance does not become invalid.
  5. Take the policy and hotline number with you. Keep it with your passport and another copy somewhere else.

Speaking of protection, it is also a good idea to check with your doctor about vaccinations and check with the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website for travel advice before you go.

The Greater provides insurance through leading global insurer, Allianz. For more information on travel insurance and travel money visit our website, come in to see our friendly staff at a Greater branch or call our Travel Insurance experts on 1300 651 400.

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