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Same and His Dream Bike - Greater Bank

Here's how Sam got his dream bike

To get his dream bike Sam had been growing his savings with a Bonus Saver Account. A Greater Bank Personal Loan made up the rest. Now he’s on the road with the bike he loves.

Same and His Dream Bike - Greater Bank

Getting what you want, without complications

To get his dream bike Sam had been growing his savings with a Bonus Saver Account. To keep the interest rate low, Sam took out a secured Greater Bank Personal Loan, using his car as collateral.

The loan also has no early payout penalties, so Sam can get ahead on his loan without being hit by extra fees.

Riding high with easy finance.

Sam went into his local Greater Bank branch to discuss the best finance options. His Bonus Saver had helped boost his savings and after talking through his options, Sam went for a secured Personal Loan using his car as collateral.

Sam chose Greater Bank’s options over the dealership finance for the lower rate, no monthly fees and to avoid early repayment penalties when he starts getting ahead on his loan.

Find out more in the video about how Sam saved and got the bike of his dreams.

Here’s how Sam did it

Secured Personal Loan

Our Personal Loans can be approved in as little as 24 hours, so whether you’ve got a used car, renovations or a holiday in mind, we can get you the money you need to reach your goal. Our secured Personal Loans use collateral as a security for a lower interest rate.

  • Competitive Interest rate, with no monthly fees
  • Additional repayments accepted, with no penalty for early loan repayment
  • Loans up to 120% of the value of your security, with free online redraw facility

Secured Personal Loan

Interest rate 6.78 % p.a.
Comparison rate 7.17 %^ p.a.
Secured - Fixed rates for 1-7 years
Our fixed rate personal loans let you stay in control with fixed repayments for the life of the loan. Great for purchasing used cars, renovating, or buying that new caravan or boat for a holiday.

Bonus Saver Account

Your Bonus Saver Account is the perfect way to boost your savings for that special something. The Bonus Saver rewards you with high interest each month as long as you make one deposit and no withdrawals. (ie; show us that you are saving!)

  • No monthly account-keeping fees or transaction fees
  • Free Online Banking
  • SMS and Email Alerts to keep track of your money

Bonus Saver

Bonus interest 4.00 % p.a.
Calculated daily, paid monthly
Bonus Saver rewards you for your good saving habits. Just make at least one deposit in a calendar month, and no withdrawals to be rewarded with bonus interest. Too easy.

Mobile App

The Greater Bank App lets Sam keep track of all his finances no matter where he is on the open road. From checking loan repayments, to transferring funds and paying bills – he does it all with just a few taps.

  • Set up an SMS & Email Alert to monitor
  • Schedule payments
  • Quick view of selected balances

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